Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't let the "Meanies" Get to You

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I’m learning a lot about people with this part time serving job. In a restaurant, you meet ALL kinds of people. The bulk are nice. But you do get some people that are rather cranky or snobby or just seem to want to throw around their weight sometimes.

We all encounter these negative people in life. Perhaps a bit more frequently when we’re dealing with the public all the time, but I think I’ve come to learn that usually when people are being cranky with you, it’s nothing to do with you. They probably had a bad day at the office or there are marital problems at home, or money problems or who knows what.

Sometimes it is a defense mechanism too. Who knows what their childhood was like, what kind of criticism they got, or social training. We all kind of get formed the way we are. Yes we can change that and be a nice person by choice, but people do the best that they can with the resources they have.

SO the next time somebody is a jerk to you – maybe about your transgenderism – just remind yourself that that is all about their own internal issues or problems, and it’s not you. Try to not take it personally. Just thumb your nose internally at them, and say silently, “It’s not me. They are just having a bad day or have their own issues.”

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