Thursday, October 4, 2007

Everybody Has Their Insecurities

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I got to thinking this morning that it we all tend to look at other people, especially people who are better looking or more successful or in a better relationship or whatever it is we want and they seem to have, and think they have it all together and we're inferior somehow.
However, I think we forget or perhaps do not realize that everybody, including those people, have their own insecurities and challenges.

I was a late bloomer. Consequently, I still think of myself as the ugly duckling many times. People compliment me and I still discount it in my head sometimes. I realize I look nice now, but I still have my days when I look in the mirror and I think "BLECH! I look so awful!". We all have our days we're down on ourselves - me included.

We all tend to be harder on ourselves and our looks than other people are. Just realize that. Nobody is micro-analyzing that small pimple on your face or that hair out of place like you are. In fact, most people aren't even noticing it! So just remind yourself o fthat if you ever find yourself being hard on yourself for your looks or comparing yourself to other people in that department.

Also realize that it is a lot of pressure to be perfect looking all the time. Those people must have to be constantly obsessed about maintaining their looks, and while we all like to look nice, there is more to life than that. Sometimes, it's nice to be average and not have that pressure. I bet a lot of perfect looking people are rather insecure about their looks and put a lot of pressure on themselves. No wonder there are people addicted to plastic surgery.

Just realize, we're not our looks. Everybody has their strengths and their qualities they're not as happy about. You're just perfect as you are. It all evens out. Successful people might not have the relationship they want. People in the right relationship might not like their career. People with great hair might not like their body. Etc. Do you see what I'm saying? Everybody is insecure about some things.

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