Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Perfect Support and Friend of a Pet

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Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about pets and what a great support then can be. I realize not everybody is an animal lover, but mine have been a real support to me over the years. My pets have been my family for most of my adult life, as I've gone through moving to Georgia, losing both my parents, transitioning, being fired from a job (pre-transition), moving to where I am now, and more. My pets have been there for me.

One of the nice things about pets is that they love you no matter what. Sometimes we as budding transgendered women (whether that be a crossdresser, transvestite, feminine man, intersexed, transsexual woman, or whatever we identify as) can feel rather unloved at times or alone. We face some rejection. We sometimes have to step away from our families or friends. People many times do judge us by our outer appearances (but not all people. There are many who appreciate who we are inside too!).

Animals just love us for us though. I think they see our spirit inside. And they love us no matter what.

Dogs especially seem to know when we are down and need some love. Both the dogs I've had in my life (Beau, my Golden Retrieve, and then Emma, my Rottweiller, who is my current dog), both have had gentle loving natures. If I cried or was upset, they seemed to intuitively know and would cuddle up or put their heads in my lap, seeming to say with their eyes, "Don't be sad. I love you. How can I make you feel better?". And my cat Tigger is a real cuddle buns. There is something very soothing about petting a purring cat.

My dog, Emma (the Rottweiller) watched me through my whole transition. I got her when I was still living as a man, before I even made up my mind to transition. She saw me put on makeup the first time and a wig, and didn't blink an eye. She still wanted to be close to me. She watched me through my whole transition. She saw me live part time, then full time. She saw me after i got breasts. She was there waiting for me when I got home from the hospital after having blood clots from hormones. She's seen me bald, without makeup, dressed and undressed, and always treats me the same - with total unconditional love. She's always loved me, no matter how I look. My cat Tigger is the same way.

So if you are transitioning, get yourself a dog or cat if you can. They'll be a wonderful source of support and unconditional love to you, and we all need that!

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