Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Joys of an Early Morning Walk

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It realllllllllllllllly cooled off here in Chicago today. I like to start my day by taking my dog for a walk. AFter three months of being able to go out in just shorts and a sleeveless top, I was not happy about the low 50 degree temperature this morning. I don't know how it happens, but what seems like a wonderful blast of warmth in March or April seems like a frigid blast in September. Every year I get all wimpy about cold over the summer and swear I will move someplace warmer.

The funny thing is, when I got out of college, I moved to Augusta, Georgia and lived there 7 years and missed the cold, so I moved back up North. What WAS I thinking. I guess it's that "the grass is always greener" syndrome we all suffer from at times.

I do enjoy the winter though for a couple months. Mainly around December. It's very cozy to sit inside when it's dark out and watch the snow fall down. It's so beautiful. Especially when you live in a townhome, like I do, and do not have to get out and shovel it! BOY, do I love that! It's one of the benefits of townhome living - no shovelling. Not to mention having my car in the garage. I love not having to scrape my windows.

Back to my walking story, though, I love the early morning hours for some reason. After 20 years of getting up at 5am (usually), I just can't really sleep past 6 or 6:30. Drives me crazy sometimes. However, I really love to walk at that time of the day. Especially in the summer. It makes you really appreciate nature. I live near a big part with some small wetlands there, so there are all kinds of trees and wildflowers and ponds. I really enjoy looking at everything.
I also find walking really helps me clear my head and think things through. Sometimes things can come so clearly to me as I walk. It is a GREAT de-stresser too. When I worked my Oracle computer job, I used to come home stressed, and I would walk my dog when I got home (even when I didn't feel like it), and it would just really de-stress me and kind of help me transition from work to home mode.

It has also kept me in really good shape over the years. That has always been my main form of excercize, and I have been able to keep a basically slender figure. I think I owe a lot of that to my walking (considering how much I love chocolate).

So if you'd like a way to nurture yourself a bit and do something healthy for your body - take a little walk every day. Get out and get some fresh air, or go to a gym with a walking track. Go out at lunch and walk if you dont' have time at home. Even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes. You can always build up more. I walk about 40-45 minutes a day, but it you can't do that, that's all right. Just do what you can! Nobody is judging you or watching to see how much you walk. Just do something. Treat yourself to that time.

Like I said, walking is also a great de-stresser, helps you have nice legs and stay in shape, and is a great time to think!


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