Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Couple Vocabulary Word Change Tips

The Transgender Companion, A Practical, Step by Step Guide and Companion for your Transition,

Today I'd like to talk a bit about a couple subtle changes you can make in the words you use to make yourself sound more feminine.

There are certain subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences in the words men and women choose when talking, but I'd just like to mention a few worlds that men use that can make you sound less than feminine.

Now I realize that women use these words too, but sometimes we as transgendered women are held up to higher scrutiny, and it's good to use every tool available to us to appear as feminine as possible.

One word I'd try to not use when dressed as a female or once you are living as a female is "dude". Like "dude, you don't know what you're talking about". It kind of makes you sound like a surfer dude (instead of a dudette!).

Another group of words I'd try to not use are any kind of crude or swear words. It just makes you sound less ladylike. I do NOT mean that in a snooty way, and I can use swear words too, believe me. But in public, I try to watch it.

Try to use softer sounding words in general. Instead of saying, "my gut hurts", say "my tummy hurts". Instead of saying "that really pisses me off", say "that upsets me". You get the point.
Now, don't worry about being perfect. Remember, who defines "perfect". Everybody has their own definition. Don't worry about being perfect or analyze everything you say. Be yourself. Just when you think of it, try to feminize your words a bit, make them appear softer, maybe less crude (if you find yourself using a crude phrase).

I also realize women don't always sound feminine either. Unfortunately, genetic women can get away with a little more. This is just another way of making yourself as feminine sounding as possible. That is all.

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